Established in 2013, as a vibrant and multi-faceted corporate entity based in the UAE, Radiant Star Group was founded with an intent to enrich and take forward the rich and innovation-driven legacy of Dubai. Over the years, the group has built a sprawling network of thriving entrepreneurial successes across multiple domains and industries. Dominating their respective fields, these enterprises have blossomed into dynamic commercial models that are driving economic progress in the region.

The group has brought immense expertise and forward-thinking approach to every business endeavour it has ever pursued, and the results are there for all to see. In just a short span of 7 years, Radiant Star Group had made an indelible mark in the regions of the Middle and far East, and even the continent of Africa.

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A Multifaceted
Trading Conglomerate

With over 3 decades worth of extensive work experience, Radiant Star has established itself as a multi-faceted corporation that effortlessly functions across a diverse set of industries and sectors. From agriculture and fertilisers to cement, steel, and chemicals trading, Radiant group has made its indelible mark in all of these industries, particularly in regions of the middle and far east, Africa, and even in Europe.

This vast experience has allowed the organisation to function masterfully and maintain a high level of standardisation in its quality of materials. Registered with the renowned Dun & Bradstreet Inc., Radiant Star Trading has built immense trustworthiness among its clientele, enabling them easy access to high-quality goods, regardless of the domain.

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Planting seeds of progress across the globe

Continually expanding its presence in industries across the globe, Radiant Star Group is broadening its economic influence in the region and beyond.

Group Companies